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Why Musically Ever After?

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I have been drawn to music my entire life, and after decades teaching music and working with teachers, I know one fact:

Music Changes Lives

When a child connects with an instrument, amazing things begin to happen. They do better in school, develop hand/eye coordination, and they're often surrounded by positive role models & friends. One of the most important decisions your child will make in their musical journey is picking an instrument that INSPIRES them. 

It's hard to know WHICH instrument is best for you when they are all so amazing! Wouldn't it be great if there were books out there that introduced kids to musical instruments and gave them soundtracks to listen to that showcased the best and most talented musicians?'

Our mission at Musically Ever After Publications is to create books that introduce instruments to kids in a fun and engaging way. Each book comes with a customized soundtrack curated and performed by professional musicians with decades of experience and a passion for cultivating a love of music. 

A love of music can strike at any time and is often ignited by a poignant musical moment. Give your children the gift of extraordinary stories with music that has inspired generations of musicians so they can live MUSICALLY EVER AFTER. 

Eckart Runge, Cellist

Leia Barrett's book ‘The Goldilocks Quartet’ is a wonderful entrance door for children, to the beautiful world of string quartet. Just like this world itself, the book is full of fantasy and the musical examples chosen are as exquisite as the illustrations by Candace Neal. There should be many more books of this kind!

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Karen, Mom & Musician

[The Double Reed Duckling] is fabulous and, I can attest, kid approved! My daughter rushed over and listened the minute I turned it on!

The Goldilocks Quartet

The Goldilocks Quartet is the first book we're publishing, and we know you will love it!

In our version, Goldilocks finally decides to be brave and introduce herself after admiring the Bear family's musical home from afar. After realizing no one's home, she begins a musical exploration where she discovers beautiful music, fun instruments, and realizes that she has more in common with the Bears than she realizes.

Little does she know that she is beginning the musical journey of a lifetime.

Check out our 'just right' preview of The Goldilocks Quartet

If you'd like a 'just right' bite of our book, check out this fantastic read aloud by illustrator and actor extraordinaire Candace Neal. This isn't the whole book, but we wanted to give you a great taste of what you can expect.

If you're hungry for our books after getting a sneak peek (an 'Appeteaser,' if you will), don't forget to join our VIP Launch Team!

About the team

Leia here.


I first met Candace as an actress, and when her husband Tim introduced me to her adorably quirky drawing style, I was hooked.

In fact, I chose to self-publish because I could not imagine my books without her or her style. We're both continually learning the ropes, and The Goldilocks Quartet is the first step into a new world for both of us.

Join us on this journey and you'll learn and grow along with us. 

My husband Drew, one of the most supportive people I've ever met, is along for the ride, offering amazing, encyclopedic knowledge of music, unmatched enthusiasm, and a penchant for matching musical excerpts that perfectly match our mood.


Leia Barrett


I'm a first-time author & lifelong musician. I've dedicated my life to creating inspiring outreach. My motto: Live Musically Ever After.


Candace Neal

Illustrator & Narrator

Hi, I’m Candace. Actor & digital artist. Tall girl, boy mom, chai drinker, homebody.

Drew West

Music Master

Drew is a bassoonist, musician, arranger, and PowerPoint creator extraordinaire. 

A few quick notes about our stories!